New technology will save the classic manual transmission

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Re: New technology will save the classic manual transmission

Postby InlinePaul » Mon Mar 18, 2013 5:17 pm

theholycow wrote:
InlinePaul wrote:How about a full manual valve body automatic, mated to an H pattern shifter and dump the slush spinner for a real live clutch so you can still launch the right way.

If you're going to the effort of doing all that and the result is a car that can't take care of its own launching and shifting, why settle for your shifter being a numb hydraulic gate lever instead of a synchronizer lever transmitting feel to your've re-created the manual using the gearbox from an automatic, without the advantages of the automatic, having sacrificed some of what makes the manual great. The clutch is the hard part, if you've got that figured out then go ahead and put a manual gearbox behind it, that just bolts on easily.

Yeah, I sort of talked myself in a circle, eh? Well there are the Lenco transmissions that drag racers use which are planetary gears like an automatic. Planitary gears are pretty nice, in fact that is what Henry used in the Model T! :lol:
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theholycow wrote:Why in the world would you even want to be as smooth as an automatic? Might as well just drive an automatic...

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